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Our Services

Alameda Speech Therapy provides speech, language, and stuttering therapy to children ages 1-14 years. We know that engagement and motivation are foundational to learning, so we fill our sessions with movement and play! Our clinic is located in the city of Alameda, California.

Child with an articulation disorder in speech sound therapy at Alameda Speech Therapy in CA
Child playing in language therapy with Alameda Speech Therapy in CA
Young girl in stuttering therapy learning fluency techniques with Alameda Speech Therapy in CA

Speech Sounds

After completing a comprehensive speech sound assessment, we can characterize your child's speech sound errors, determine the root cause of their challenges, and choose the best therapy approach to help them grow.  You and your child may choose meaningful words for us to work on in therapy, such as their name, their favorite foods, or words that are important for sharing their hobbies and interests.


Supporting speech sound development is an art and a science, requiring the combination of evidence-based methods along with our extensive experience, allowing us to support accurate speech sound production and self-monitoring skills for lasting success.


We look at language skills through a cognitive processing lens which allows us to address the underlying cause of your child's difficulty with learning language concepts. Whether your child uses oral language, an AAC device, or echolalia ("scripting") to express themselves, we honor and accept all forms of communication.

We have advanced training in the Natural Language Acquisition approach, also known as Gestalt Language Processing which helps children who communicate using delayed echolalia progress toward using original, self-generated language.  


We gather information about your child's speech fluency by listening to them talk in a variety of contexts, and we ask about their perceptions and feelings about stuttering. This information allows us to determine the likelihood that their stuttering will persist and guides us in creating an individualized therapy plan.


We work on the goals most relevant to your child through a combination of counseling, stuttering modification techniques (which reduce tension and avoidance in the moment), and fluency shaping techniques (which promote fluency) to help your child on the journey to self-acceptance and communication success on their terms.

California kids enjoying therapy outside with Alameda Speech Therapy

Alameda Speech Therapy

Play-based therapy in the heart of Alameda.
Sensory-friendly clinic located in central Alameda, CA!

Preschool age child having fun in play-based therapy at Alameda Speech Therapy in California


We help kids experience authentic joy in the process of becoming whom they were meant to be. Our therapy model is neurodiversity-affirming, so we create safe spaces for learning and social-emotional development. By honoring each child's interests, sensory needs, and personal goals, we can help them thrive in their own unique way.  Join us and see the power of play-based therapy! 


Meet Adrianna

Adrianna Kaspar, M.S. SLP

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist

I am a pediatric speech therapist with over 10 years of experience in public schools, private clinics, and hospitals. Throughout my career, I have worked with children of all ages and abilities, including medically fragile children, children with complex communication needs, and children with diverse sensory profiles. I am passionate about seeing the strengths in each child and helping them express their true "self"-- rather than looking like everyone else! 

AK Headshot New_edited.jpg

I founded Alameda Speech Therapy in order to give children and families a greater say in their therapy experience and outcomes. I am committed to collaborating with family members and creating meaningful therapy goals by combining my clinical knowledge with their lived experiences and hopes for the future. My therapy style is relationship-centered rather than compliance-based, and I believe that it is essential to build trust with each child before I ask them to be vulnerable in learning. Every child is capable of communication in their own way, and every way is okay.

Personally, I enjoy hiking, camping, gardening, horseback riding, trying new foods, and going on adventures with my husband and two children! I look forward to getting to know you and your family.

Meet Adrianna
Getting Started
Getting started with
Alameda Speech Therapy is easy!


Contact us using the form below!  Adrianna will reach out to you for a free phone consultation to better understand your concerns, answer your questions, and let you know if an evaluation is recommended. 


At your first meeting in our clinic, Adrianna will conduct an evaluation to determine your child's strengths, challenges, and preferences. We will work as a team to identify meaningful goals, and you will receive a written evaluation report.


Speech and language therapy sessions will be conducted in our clinic.  Parents and important communication partners are always encouraged to attend and participate in sessions!

Alameda Speech Therapy is considered an out-of-network provider for most health insurance plans, with the exception of specific plan referrals - please contact us for more information.  Services are provided on a private pay basis, and payment is due at time of service.  We will be happy to provide you with information about seeking out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance, if desired.
Father and son playing in the house during in-home speech therapy session in CA
A sensory supportive clinic space
Play = fun = communication

We believe that therapy is most effective when it takes into account your child's strengths, interests, and sensory needs. Our clinic has room to jump, crawl, swing, or spin, and we love to move and play during our sessions to support each child's unique sensory profile!  We encourage parents to get involved in each session so you can feel confident supporting your child at home.


Serving families from throughout the Bay Area at our clinic located at the corner of Santa Clara Avenue and Chestnut Street in central Alameda, California.

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Contact Us!
2001 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, California
By appointment only
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